The King of Thorns

In the land of Faerun, magic runs wild and civil war is on the horizon.
20 years prior there were the brave but foolish who tried to amass an army against the king in his first years of tyranny, not knowing of the threat that lay ahead, spearheading this were the rebellion leaders and their brave party of misfits, Lokriin the Cannibal, Chronus the Orphaned, Kad the Sly, Zeichstien the Mighty, Magneto the Faithful and the lone ranger who now goes only by “Wolf”.
Their mission descended into chaos after the turning of Lokriin when they reached the province of Amn, his roots got the better of him and he unleashed a miasma of undeath, the power within locking him in a state of permanent undeath and plunging the local people to a similar fate, deterring all but one of the brave heroes.
It was 19 years since Lokriin’s turning, and a new resistance has arisen in the north, originating in Damara, the cause being to dethrone the king and instil a new and fair king or a democratic government to rule the lands, but there are many forces at work in the land of Faerun and those who wish to conquer them, will we all fall prey to them?

The King of Thorns & Kingmaker

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